Ladies, we all know that you want your man to smell like this man. Gentlemen, we all know that you want to smell like this man… Or at least that is what Old Spice went with when coming up with one of the world’s best Social Media campaigns of 2010. I realize that this is not a current campaign, but I feel that it should be mentioned as the execution on the campaign was done flawlessly.

Old Spice decided to take their body wash sales to the next level by responding to consumers through YouTube. Over the span of three (3) days, Old Spice produced 180 responses to consumers questions. These videos drove views and website traffic through the roof, leading to the eventual #1 All Time Most Viewed Branded Channel on Youtube. Here are some of the other Social Media results of this campaign:

  • The old spice twitter following increased 2700% 
  • Facebook fan interaction was up 800%
  • website traffic was up 300%

The responses done for the consumers were phenomenal. They were personalized while being entertaining.  Below is one of the responses to a consumer.

I feel that the approach worked beyond well. They incorporated interaction, while taking it to the next level. Normally people chat back and forth on different Platforms, while Old Spice created 180 video responses for the consumers questions and requests. That shows dedication. Besides, they decided to incorporate the man every woman  loves, and every man wanted to be. The Old Spice Man.

Are you surprised this campaign had such a heavy response? Would you have done anything differently?

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