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Social media has been known to make an impact through advertisers of major organizations. A  social issue that made a disturbing impact was the Timeline for an Anti-Drug campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to make Facebook users aware of the consequences of using drugs. Due to its disturbing images, the website quickly put a stop to the guerilla campaign because it was make users feel uncomfortable…. I feel that anyone whom was uncomfortable either has done drugs, or know someone who does them. It was a harsh reality consumers needed to see because it affects the lives of not just the user, but their friends and family around them.

Due to it being removed form Facebook, this link will take you to the YouTube showing you what the webpage had on it.

Would this kind of advertising/ social media strategy make you feel uncomfortable?


Alrighty, we all love media. Sure – we may not admit to it everyday because frankly, when we think of media one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is advertising. The harsh reality is that if we didn’t have media in our lives, we wouldn’t know the who, what, when, where, or how going on in the world.

So back to media. Are we actually in love with it, or are we in lust? Why is it that we now share more about our lives online than we do around everyday people we meet? When people are online, they can become themselves and more. Things can be exaggerated. People like you and I are subconsciously in lust with the thought of someone talking or thinking about us – it’s human nature. The checking of Facebook statuses, profiles, and updating what we are doing every single moment of the day are things that we do to become noticed. This thought process is what’s making consumers check Facebook and Twitter over 10 times a day. Yes – this media opens up conversation, but does it open up the right one?

Is there a line between media lust and media addiction? When does the harmless dose turn into  people stalking social media networks? Hours and hours spent on these sites daily, watching history feeds and keeping “up to date” on friends and families lives… How is it healthy?

For businesses, this unhealthy habit means lots of “Do, Re, Me”, as they can guarantee that certain people are going to be online for hours at a time, and if not hours several times a day checking for updates on the things that matter to them. That kind of traffic pays for its  as websites like Facebook are able to define niche markets beyond the normal age, gender, and ethnicity.

These tactics allow for proper social media strategies to be developed. Social networking websites ask for optional personal information to be shared when setting up profiles, and we as humans have absolutely no problem sharing that information. For those who are in love, in lust, or addicted to media, the major corporations thank you. Now they are able to take advertising and marketing to a whole new level due to how “social” social media and social networking is.